VOLKOV ManiFEST. The Festival of Vladimir Volkov’s projects
7 January 2016, Thursday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

From 7 to 10 January Erarta Stage will host the annual VOLKOV ManiFEST, dedicated to the creativity of the outstanding St. Petersburg musician.


Vladimir Volkov, a famous St. Petersburg musician and composer, should have been already put into the list of the national and even world heritage. He is fairly considered one of the best modern bass players on both sides of the ocean.

In his sound experiments Volkov explores completely different territories: plays early Baroque music, performs the hits of minimalism, writes sound tracks for films, and collaborates with theaters both as an invited musician and as an actor. Moreover, Vladimir Volkov has staged a few interesting theatre performances, where he acts as the script author, actor, director, and, of course, sound engineer.

So if you want to meet an old school artist and the “Renaissance Man”, Vladimir Volkov is just the right person!

The desire to gather the heritage of this prominent artist at one place inspired ERARTA to found a whole festival dedicated to his name. This is how VOLKOV ManiFEST was born, and became an annual event.




Festival Programme:

7 January, 20:00 — Day of Baroque «XVII +»

Participants: Maria Fedotova (flute), Alexander Gorbunov (vielle), Rust Pozyumsky (vielle), Vladimir Shulyakovsky, The Russian ensemble of ancient music, Nazar Kozhukhar and The Pocket Symphony with "... Only France» programme.

The programme will feature compositions by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, Guillaume de Machaut, Johann Adam Reincken, Johann Rosenmüller and other examples of early European and Russian music

8 January, 20:00 — Day of Mozart and Japan

Participants: Vladimir Volkov (bass), Vladimir Gayvoronskiy (trumpet), Alexander Kiskachi (flute), Vladimir Shulyakovsky (violin), Polina Fradkina (piano), Konstantin Yakovlev (oboe, bassoon), Dmitry Jakubowsky (viola), Vladimir Gavryushov (cello), Andrey Kondakov (drums), Alina Mikhailova (dance).

 The first part of the programme will feature the compositions by Mozart (Piano Sonata No. 10 in C Major, arias of Pamina and Papageno, Turkish March etc.) and the ones inspired by Mozart ("Mozart goes fishing" by Vladimir Gaivoronsky).

The second part of the programme called "Japan" will feature such music pieces as “Koan” by Vladimir Martynov, “Quasi Shakuhachi” by  Vladimir Shulyakovsky, "Netsuke" and "Sinsen" by Gaivoronsky and a lot more.

9 January, 20:00 — Day of Jazz and “edificatory” folk

Participants: Sergey Starostin, Andrey Kotov, "Volkovtrio", Svyatoslav Kurashov, Denis Sladkevich, Anna Tchaikovskaya, Kondakov-Volkov-Bagdasarian Trio, Tchaikovsky-Gayvoronskiy-Volkov Trio and others.

The idea is to bring together representatives of various musical genres, so different and so relative at the same time: jazz, folk, sacred music and well-liked melodies. The “edificatory effect” is promised to be increased manifold.

10 January, 20:00 — Day of cinema and "Threshold of Life" theater

Participants: Ilona Markarova, Igor Ustinovich, Pavel Mikhailov, Alexander Koshkidko, Andrey Zhukov, Vladimir Volkov, Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky, Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, etc.

The fourth day of the festival will feature the premiere of the documentary “Oleg Karavaichuk: Encircling Minstrels”, "Life for the Czar" by Teatro di Capua, "Between the two. Threshold of Life” by AKHE Theatre and a lot more.

Please note that “Life for the Czar” performance will be shown at the Grand Hall of the 5th floor (Museum Wing) at 17:00. Separate ticket is required (700 rubles).

4 Day VOLKOV ManiFEST Tickets are available at 2000 rubles (Erarta Stage events only).



* Please note that on the day of the event tickets can be purchased only at the museum ticket office. 

** Get 100 rubles discount for an Admission ticket or Erarta Annual pass within 7 days including the day you are attending our event (on presentation of the event ticket).

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