Oligarkh. The First Big Concert
15 January 2015, Thursday 03:00
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Oligarkh is a young hypemaker and a Hip-Hop/IDM producer, creating original Russian vibe and combining progressive electronics with folk songs of his motherland. On January, 15 he will perform at Erarta.

It is a collage of images, melodies and words, describing different sides of national character. Spiritual, folk, chanson and lyric music decorated with thick bass of bell toll, 8-bit balalaikas and broken rhythms. Using these gears he leads audience from a bright temple into a dark forest, from Kremlin walls to dense village, from ghetto-like suburbs to luxury districts. All his music is built on contrasts of elite and mass culture, of modern and traditional.

Oligarkh cherishes that Russian traditional atmosphere which he grew up in. His music education started with singing in orthodox choir. His family used to go to a church every religious holiday, always keeping the rules and the customs just as their ancestors many generations before.

His first released tracks became independent memes, illustrating contemporary Russian life. His debut “abstract-orthodox” longplay “Zemlya i Volya” (“Land and Will”) was released on Christmas Eve and got 20 000 likes in two weeks after the New Year. Russian internet was confused, “is it true love to motherland or first echoes of new Russia”. Some people saw there “a typical case for a doom generation”, the others — “reconstruction of pre-urban sound” and epic trap-shit.

Oligarkh’s performances aren’t regular disco sets. It’s a great spiritual experience inspiring and devastating. Together with the drummer he makes unbelievable solid sound from fragile and abstract hip-hop to heavy dubstep. His gigs are supported by video-hasher of historical films, documentary, fairytales and media heroes.

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