Markscheider Kunst. Unplugged
22 October 2016, Saturday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

Markscheider Kunst will play an “unplugged” acoustic concert at Erarta Stage on 22 October. 


MARKSCHEIDER (German) — mine surveyor, expert in subsoil and surface spatial and geometrical surveys and their subsequent rendition in plans, maps and sectional drawings used in mining and geological explorations.

The band's name contains no hidden meaning or secret references, and the things we tell you, when asked what the name means and how it came about, are pure fabrication and provocation.

The same can be said about the musical style and tastes of the band.

Not everyone in the band blindly reveres rumba and every now and then someone, taking advantage of the general mess and confusion which accompany the overwhelming majority of rehearsals and concerts, smuggles into what at first glance seems to be roots music quite different er stuff and sometimes the end result is quite funny. Jugding by the ruminations of various journalists trying to describe MKUNST and its music, to define precisely the band's style is not an easy task at all.

Even this at first glance simple and straightforward issue tends to be shrouded in confusion.



MKUNST lineup keeps on changing constantly and a lot of great men have passed through the boiling and seething rapids of the markscheider movement ever since its inception. All of them have in one way or the other influenced (and occasionally continue to influence) the music of the band.

Therefore we thought it would be just fair for us to mention everyone of them. The current lineup of the band comes first and is written in bold.
The new album is like an old friend, who you after a few years of separation: he's still the same, but different. It is an extremely wise album, which was recorded by obviously wise and experienced people. You hear it and you think: “This is our Buena Vista Social Club”. However Markscheider Kunst sing about here and now. And this story will last while bossa nova, samba, reggae and ska sound in your heart. Choose colors for your own world!

Line up:

Sergey Efremenko — vocals, guitar, lyrics

Vladimir Matushkin (DJ Nguba) — guitar, back vocals, DJ

Kirill Oskin — bass

Danil Prokopiev — vocals, drums

Kirill Ipatov — congas, timbales

Anton Vishnyakov — trombone

Alexander Plyusnin — trumpet

Ivan Nekludov — saxophone

Denis Rachkov — Guitar


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