Aleksandr Manotskov and Courage Quartet. Concert
7 September 2014, Sunday 04:00
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Aleksandr Manotskov and Courage Quartet will present their program "Peli" and other vocal and instrumental compositions at Erarta on 7 September.

The album "Peli" is the result of several coincidences that happened just as perhaps life on the planet first originated: somewhere in quiet backwaters by a volcanic island, that came up from the ocean right in the moment of the maximum solar activity. A lot of things coincided: my great colleagues from the animated film "Sergius of Radonezh" agreed to try to apply texts by OBERIU to the image of the Saint; it was such a moment of my life that my desktop was full of texts stacks not only "about the Saint"; young and energetic band Courage Quartet got interested in performing my songs; and my self-inherited longing for the rock scene, which I've never managed to quench befitting the age, acted up; all these summed up together with my continual desire to sing.

Now, almost a year after it all began, I have a feeling that it's always existed: our rock band with Courage quartet has a large and varied repertoire, which gradually draws in my "normal" works. But this first program is very important for us and we are pleased that it is now coming out on a CD.

Aleksandr Manotskov

Band's cast:

  • Aleksandr Manotskov — voice
  • Andrey Rukhadze — violin
  • Anastasia Chaikina — violin
  • Dmitry Berlizov — viola
  • Sergey Panteleev — cello
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