Jacob TV (The Netherlands). The News
29 November 2015, Sunday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

Jacob ter Veldhuis (The Netherlands) and Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME) will present their 'Reality Opera' at Erarta Stage on November 29 at 20:00.


Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble presents a new multimedia and multidisciplinary project Jacob TV - The News, with the participation of the unique pop avant-garde composer and the symbol of new electro-acoustic music Jacob ter Veldhuis.

Reality Opera in which live music is synchronized with non-fiction footage from the international media, based on speech grooves.

The drama is constructed using broadcasts from newscasters, politicians, scientists, televangelists, athletes, movie stars and celebrities discussing a vast array of socio-political issues, from global warming to the credit crunch, as well as matters of war and peace to trivialities, thus exposing our western society's obsession with public image, fame, catastrophe and morality. With media coverage constantly changing, ruminating and updating worldwide, THE NEWS is a fresh approach to music composition, video production and social commentary through live performances. This singular and timely work, which marries conventional media material to extraordinary artistry, engages the public in a uniquely stimulating experience; catalyst for introspection and dialogue.

THE NEWS is work in progress. Each News Edition is different, and can last anything between from 15 minutes to an evening length production, as well as suitable as an installation in museums. So far there have been 8 editions, and counting....


Ivan Bushuev — flute

Oleg Tantsov — clarinet

Mikhail Dubov — piano

Gleb Khokhlov — violin

Ilya Rubinstein — cello

Jacob ter Veldhuis — video, electronics


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