Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy and Vladimir Shulyakovsky. "Bach. Inversions" Concert
7 February 2016, Sunday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

On 7 February Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy and Vladimir Shulyakovsky will present their new original project “Bach. Inversions”, inspired by music of Johann Sebastian Bach, at the Erarta Stage.


The music by the great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach has been a bottomless source of inspiration for many generations of composers and musicians over the last three hundred years. The concert at Erarta Stage on 14 January will become another proof of Bach’s eternal relevance. The musicians will play Bach’s music pieces on period instruments, will try to decode his cryptic canons and improvisations, and will present their own compositions, inspired by the great artist.



The programme will feature: "The Art of Fugue" and "The Musical Offering" by J.S. Bacc, «Bach for solo violin" and “Canon and Fugue for Strings” by B. Gayvoronskiy, "Duodacis for Two Violins" and “Two Canons for strings” by V. Shulyakovsky.


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