Adam Evald (chamber pop, Sweden). Meta Nights. Concert
3 April 2016, Sunday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

Adam Ewald, a Swedish musician and the founder of chamber pop, will play a concert at Erarta Stage under the project Meta Nights on April 3.


Adam Evald is a musician from Malmö, Sweden. He sings openly about the emotional trials of life. His songs describe the sudden death of love, piercing betrayal and how loneliness and grief can swallow you whole. With a small chamber ensemble (violin, cello, double-bass and piano) he has created a dynamic musical world where hopelessness battles hope; sad songs in major struggle against humble songs in minor. His musical expression is very precise and the level of honesty is appealing. He has the ability to catch your attention with subtleties, not only in his lyrics and in the way he has arranged the instruments, but also in his million-colored gestures on stage.


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