“Mathroshka”. Festival of Instrumental Music
14 August 2016, Sunday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

On 14 August Erarta Stage will host “Mathroshka” Festival of Instrumental Music. Participants: I Am Waiting For You Last Summer (Ryazan), Weary Eyes (Moscow), Kawri's Whisper (St. Petersburg) and Hashtea (St. Petersburg).

  • I Am Waiting For You Last Summer 

  • Hashtea

  • Kawri's Whisper 

  • Weary Eyes 


“Mathroshka” instrumental music festival was first held in Moscow Muzeon Art Park last year. The ‘second edition’ of the festival is coming to St. Petersburg. All the collectives are united by the music style — math rock, which is typically characterized with complex rhythmic structure, atypical dynamics, sharp and often inharmonious riffs.

However, the style has deep roots, from avant-garde jazz and progressive rock to punk-hardcore, post-rock, emo, funk, and even IDM. The festival features bands playing beyond patterns and clichés, and pushing the usual boundaries of sound perception.

Erarta Stage will host such collectives as I Am Waiting For You Last Summer (Ryazan, Russia), Weary Eyes (Moscow), Kawri's Whisper (St. Petersburg) and Hashtea (St. Petersburg).

More about the participants:  

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer 



I Am Waiting For You Last Summer was founded in 2011 in Ryazan and quickly became famous, which is proved by more than 140 sell-out concerts from Barcelona to Hong Kong, often with the full house. The main band’s objective was to combine atmospheric post-rock guitar sound, ambient music and contemporary electronic. The guys have already played at numerous big festivals, and chamber venues, sharing the stage with such collectives as Rosetta, Maybeshewill, 65daysofstatic and others.

Not long ago, the band celebrated their fifth anniversary and released the third album ‘Mirrors’, rather experimental, eclectic and electronic comparing to the previous ones. The member of IWFYLS Sasha Sokolov also writes music for films, among his works there are soundtracks for such blockbusters as “The First Avenger: Another War”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.


Weary Eyes 



Weary Eyes is a capo-addicted instrumental quartet from Moscow, Russia. Formed in 2011 on the ruins of many bands, they keep making fun of post-rock, which was pretty clean as genre on the first part of “Ghostwritten Stories”, but turns into more and more dynamical and different music from release to release, incorporating math-rock, post-hardcore, acoustic, post-metal and even psychedelic noize elements to their unique sound.

The debut album was mixed by Rocky O'Rilley (And So I Watch You From Afar) and mastered by Chris Common (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Pelican, Minus The Bear), for a delightful sounding, which is seldom on a russian local scene.


Kawri's Whisper



Kawri's Whisper is an instrumental quartet, born in 2011 in Smolensk (west of central Russia) and currently settled in Saint-Petersburg. The band’s sound is a mix of math, post-rock and progressive genre.

Throughout 100 live shows the artists managed to perform with well-known Russian collectives (Penguinsmeat, Weary Eyes, Adaen etc.) as well as mathematic apologists Tera Melos and legendary 65 Days of Static.

Kawri's Whisper released two free-download mini-albums and single: 2012 — ‘Black River’, 2014 — ‘Youth’, 2015 — ‘Stop! Start Over’.





This instrumental prog-rock band is inspired by the beauty of northern nature and unique romance of their hometown St. Petersburg. 


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