Blues In The Head show by "Billy’s Band"
26 March 2015, Thursday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On March 26 Erarta will host "Billy’s Band" with their music show Blues In The Head

Even if you are a gone loser,
make business out of it.
Billy Novick

Breaking rules of show business can be a guarantee of success. This unusual recipe belongs to Billy Novick, "Billy's Band" frontman. The main thing is to keep going and never stop, as you know "no dog will pee on a moving car".

"Billy's Band" hasn’t stopped for more than 9 years so far. During this period they managed not to sign any contracts with any major record labels, and not to use any big producers help. Without fitting into any TV formats, they are successfully touring, and releasing one album per year.

They do not do anything as "it’s supposed to be done". They do it as they want to. Therefore, they spend most of their time on theater stages, turning any concert into a show of music, action and visual images (together with "Purga" art trio and VJ Max Tigay).

Formally, "Billy's Band" is a rock band, they even are going to record an album called "Billy's Band In Rock". But in fact Billy Novick’s band plays swing, and "alkojazz", having fans not only in their motherland, but in Rochester, Toronto, Montreal and many other places. And it doesn’t seem strange that "Disney" asked Billy Novick to provide the voice of jazzman Louis in the cartoon "The Princess and the Frog."

"Billy’s Band" members:

Billy Novick — bass, vocals, piano

Andrey Ryzhik (Andrey Reznikov) — guitars, orchestral cymbals, howling

Anton Matezius — accordion, percussion, howling

Mikhail Sanych (Michael Zhydkih) — saxophone, piano, percussion

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