Free The Parrots! Concert
22 March 2014, Saturday 04:00
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Free The Parrots!, a duo from St.-Petersburg, will present their debut album in Erarta on March 22.

Free The Parrots! (Andrey Dobrovolsky and Alla Turovskaya) is a delicate mix of acoustic guitar, jazz vocal, art of acting and amazing improvisations.

There is no surprise that Andrey's video "Mannerheim' Street Blues" became the most viewed Youtube video ever made on original music of Russian guitar player.

For the first time the band performed on stage of a St. Petersburg local club on January 20, 2012. Alla Turovskaya wasn't meant to be there, but she kindly agreed to save Andrey's show as the female singers he knew were either busy or sick. To say more, they didn't even meet each other untill Alla Turovskaya ran on stage 20 minutes after the concert started. But at that very moment they both realized that they don't even need to talk – their understanding was intuitive, complete and inspiring.

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