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AKHE Theatre + Dakh Daughters (Ukraine). «Gloria Transit» Cabaret. Day 1: «The ashes of the actions». Hedonic tragedy
21 May 2014, Wednesday 04:00

Erarta will present an evening of theatrical improvisations "Gloria transit" on May 21.It is a performance where immediacy is raised into a principle. The program of each evening is never the same.

On May 21AKHE Theatre and Dakh Daughters will present their new hedonic tragedy, which is confined to the Day of Inventories and The Holiday of Anastenaria or Firewalking. The actors will try to describe the world through a few items, to-do-lists and abstract clownade.

Dakh Daughters is a Ukrainian female theatrical-musical troupe performing in the genre of "freak-cabaret" and theatre performances. They've been on stage since 2012, and one of their first performances was held at the GOGOLFEST in Kiev.

Just like "DakhaBrakha", Dakh Daughters are directly related to the Kiev "Dakh" Theater, whose director Vladislav Troitsky participates in staging and production of the Dakh Daughters' performances.

The acts included to the programme are never the same; hence the key concept of the cabaret is "here and now".

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