“I am free”. A play by Dmitry Volkostrelov
16 August 2014, Saturday 04:00
  • Слайдер для “I am free”. A play by Dmitry Volkostrelov

"I am free" consists of 535 photos and 13 explanations to them.

Director and founder of "Post Theatre" Dmitry Volkostrelov performs this show based on Pavel Pryazhko's play by himself. During one hour he stands beside his laptop and looks through a strange set of photos that seem to be transferred from somebody's camera by chance. From time to time he reads explanations attached to them. Sometimes this meditative show sums up in stories, and just like in real life, they fall apart. A viewer can spend some time alone with himself, slowly contemplate or dip into his thoughts that inevitably come up as an answer to a well–known melancholy or lack of plot in the photos. In "I Am Free" an outstanding experimenter Pryazhko goes far as never before, actually denying a word as a necessary element in theatrical text. It's almost like he denies his presence in the body of the play, as he lets passionate and rough reality speak for itself.

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