“Intonema”. The Musicians & Friends
15 February 2014, Saturday 04:00
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On February 15, "Intonema", the record label, and its musicians and friends will perform a concert at Erarta. The musicians will present graphic scores on laptops, solo sets on a modular synthesizer and many other things.

"Mwton" is a project of Pavel Medvedev, who released his first single under "Intonema", the label from Saint Petersburg, last year. This time the musical project will be performed by a duo, in the same style as it was performed at the "Intonema" concert in December. The musicians will present a cassette release produced by their friends, the "Spina" label. They will perform a split together with Kurt Liedwart.

The trio that consists of Ilia Belorukov, Kurt Liedwart and Oleg Makarov, will perform a graphical score by Ilia Belorukov called "Tripo lu be sckone chn y eli n i i" on three laptops. In fact, Ilia and Kurt have been working together for a long time, but it will be their first performance with Oleg Makarov.

Also the audience will have an opportunity to listen to a solo set on a modular synthesizer by Sergei Kostyrko, who is famous for playing the bass for "Benzol'nye mertvetcy" and "Mars-96" and the catchy rhythms for "Coaxil".

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