“Vezhliviy Otkaz”. Concert
26 November 2015, Thursday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

“Vezhlivy Otkaz”, who has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, will play a concert at Erarta Stage.


“Vezhliviy Otkaz”, “polite refusal” in English, is one of the most original and unusual rock bands in Russia. Founded by Ruslan Suslov, the collective is loved and appreciated by the most discerning music lovers and colleagues no matter punk rockers or classical musicians; a lot of young indie bands include Vezhliviy Otkaz in their top band lists.

Throughout its history, “Vezhliviy Otkaz” has released over 10 albums. The last season turned a busy one: the musicians have reissued several albums from the last century, took part in a few festivals, played a number of concerts in Russia and abroad and returned to Russian TV.

“Vezhliviy Otkaz” plays smart and different music: from avant-garde, “balagan” and jazz to old-school guitar versions and chamber acoustics. The band’s live concert is a real luck for the fans.

The band members:

  • Roman Suslov — vocal, guitar
  • Dmitry Shumilov — bass
  • Mikhail Mitin — drums
  • Andrey Solovyev — trumpet
  • Pavel Karmanov — piano, flute
  • Sergey Ryzhenko — violin


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