Erarta MOTION PICTURES III. Film festival
25 March 2015 — 29 March 2015
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Erarta Stage, Grand Hall, Cinema Hall

From 25 to 29 March Erarta will host III International Film Festival about art Erarta MOTION PICTURES.

Erarta MOTION PICTURES is the original and unique project by Erarta Museum. The world knows no equals of such a diverse and multiple-meaning festival. 

Over the years, the festival has shown more than a hundred short and full-length films, featuring directors and film professionals from all over the world: Colombia and Poland, France and the Netherlands, Turkey and Spain.

Along the time the organizers have changed their opinion about the concept of “a film about painting”. The list of traditional films dedicated to artists, museums and their role in real and fictional worlds, was added with a huge number of works where art acts as the main artistic and semantic method. At the same time the festival now accepts not only documentary and feature films, but also animated and experimental videos. Accordingly our slogan has changed to a new one: “Films about painting. Films as painting”.

This year the competition program of the festival includes 24 films. Among the authors there are nominees for the “Oscar”, Berlin Film Festival, BAFTA and other prestigious awards. In addition to the main program, the audience will see a wide range of non-competition works, including a retrospective of the Pompidou Centre, films by NOM group, DEREVO Theatre and a lot more.

Special program includes different retrospectives, for example "Inventing Reality". Films selection by Sergio Oxman. You can find full scheldule here.

Traditionally, the Festival will give you opportunity to meet the participants and the jury members, consisting of artists and directors.

Cinematographers' Jury:

Charlène Dinhut (France), Pompidou Center; film curator, theorist and practician of contemporary art cinema

Sergio Oksman (Brazil-Spain), director, journalist, lecturer on filmmaking, head of the Madrid-based studio “Doc films production”; director of several prizewinning films. Grand prize winner of the last Erarta MOTION PICTURES festival (2014).

Anton Adasinsky, director, actor, choreographer, creator of the world famous DEREVO Theater, author of several experimental films, has played an important role in one of the most important films by A. Sokurov, “Faust”.

Artists' Jury:

Alexander Shishkin, artist, scenographer, participant of many an exhibition, stage designer for many theater plays from all over Russia.

Maxim Isaev, artist, director, actor, co-founder and member of the Engineer Theater AKHE, scriptwriter and scenographer

Nikolai Kopeikin, artist, musician, member of the band N.O.M. and the art sect KOLKHUI, many of his works can be found at Erarta's permanent exhibitions wing.

At the official closing of the Festival on March 29, the guests will see awarding ceremony, enjoy live music, and watch the films-winners of III Erarta MOTION PICTURES on a big screen of our new venue Erarta Stage.


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