“Segodnyanochyu”. Christmas concert and presentation of a new single
27 December 2013, Friday 15:32
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On December 27, “Segodnyanochyu”, the Russian band, is presenting a new single at their Christmas concert at Erarta.

Nikita Kozlov — the leader of the most famous Russian band that play “Britpop in the Russian manner” — is handsome, talented and charismatic. He is such a perfect hero. Girls like him. And young men respect him for his dedication and hard work onstage. He can be compared with Richard Ashcroft. But there are a lot of such British musicians abroad and the only one in Russia.

“Segodnyanochyu” outclasses many colleagues thanks to their drive and live performances. The early hits like “Cigarettes and coffee” and “Cannot resist” as well as their new songs are always performed successfully. The history of their formation is the real “roller coaster”. They have had both ups and downs. They had been on the top of all the charts before they fell down and got totally forgotten. They were first noticed by Ilya Lagutenko who became their studio producer in 2001. While the songs “Gerda, ikay”, “Cannot resist” and “Cigarettes and Coffee” were constantly played on the radio, the video “Coffee and Cigarettes” was often shown on MTV. There's been much water under the bridge since then. The first band members have changed. However, the band have overcome the difficulties and solved the problems. They changed the name a little a few years ago. Then “Segodnyanochyu” came back to the stage and recorded a provocative CD named “Prostitution”. Their current music is interesting and smart Britpop. Also their lyrics are quoted all the time.

“And day after day, coffee and cigarettes, we will never die. The promises are my profile…” — these words were sung by Nikita Kozlov in former times. They kept their promises. “Segodnyanochyu” feel good. Their individual features are concert improvisation, drive, professionalism, ease and freedom in the performance. The band creates respectable music and plays for people who can see their sincerity and appreciate their quality.

In 2014, “Segodnyanochyu” are planning to release their fifth album. Now it has no official name. On December, 27 in addition to their hits, you will be able to listen to some new tracks at Erarta. This is the band’s last concert in this year, so you will have many surprises, for sure!



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