Kurara. #Bullettour
17 February 2017, Friday 20:00
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On February 17 Erarta Stage will host Kurara, a band from Ekaterinburg.


“The real music is made by the arrogant”, — confidently  and categorically says the leader of Kurara Oleg Yagodyn. And it is difficult to disagree, since their seventh album is full of arrogance.

The new record “Bullet” is loud, grinding and rock 'n' roll. The bizarre patter of texts twists together mantras, cries, diagnoses, slogans, recitatives, station ads, paraphrased Nietzsche quotes, the dark and the light, past and future, life and death.

Who leads? You or the bullet? Learn more at the live concert at Erarta Stage on 17 February!

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