Optimystica Orchestra. Concert
16 May 2015, Saturday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On May 16, Saturday, Erarta will host a concert by Optimystica Orchestra, featuring new compositions and songs of the band.


Optimystica Orchestra is a dream team of St. Petersburg rock, featuring musicians from “Aquarium”, “Leningrad”, “Spleen” and Tequilajazzz. It came to life thanks to the Russian premiere of the film almanac “10 Minutes Older: The Cello” in spring of 2004. 

Band members:

  • Ivan Neklyudov (Markscheider Kunst, SPb Ska Jazz Revue) — baritone sax
  • Alexander Plyusnin (Markscheider Kunst, SPb Ska Jazz Revue) — trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Alezander Kozlov (Jazz Philharmonic orchestra) — trombone
  • Dmitry Kezhvatov (Spitfire) — Guitar
  • Denis “Kaschey” Kuptsov (Spitfire, “Leningrad”) — drums
  • Sergey Egorov (Markscheider Kunst, SPb Ska Jazz Revue) — percussion
  • Vadim Sergeev (“Spleen”) — bass
  • Slava Bystrov (Cuba Jam, SPb Ska Jazz Revue) — keyboards
  • Mitya Holtzman (Zorge, Do-Re-Mi Orchestra) — electronics, theremin
  • Zhenya Fedorov (Zorge, Tequilajazzz) — vocals, kantele, melodica
  • Igor Rozanov (Prepinaki, Spitfire, Pep-See)
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