Open Your Mind 2016. Experimental Dance Festival
1 May 2016, Sunday 19:00
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Erarta Stage

Open Your Mind Experimental Dance Festival will run at Erarta Stage on 1 and 2 May.



Stage Day is a platform for young collectives, plastic theaters and choreographers. This is a great opportunity to express an original vision statement blurring the boundaries of styles and techniques.

The first day opens the venue for those whose dance language is a synthesis of various dance knowledge, trends, techniques and approaches to the composition of choreography. The stage will welcome the dancers who refuse the stereotypes and habitual forms, and tend to erase the stylistic and genre boundaries in favor of a complete and sophisticated dance.

The audience and the jury will see 7 competitive productions and will decide the winner of the ‘Oym Best Stage Work’ prize on the same day.

The Jury: Andrey Grekov, Vladimir Varnava, Sergey Larionov


Battle Day is the day of trials and tests: the dancers will compete in terms of technique, imagination, improvisation and ability to interact with live and electronic musicians.

The style does not matter. Only one dancer will pass through all the thorns, get the title of ‘Free Thinker’, and fly to the Netherlands to judge Open Your Mind there!

The Jury: Simon Bus (the Netherlands), Link (France), Salomon (France).



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