Theatre ‘post’ (Russia). Series of plays ‘Lecture on Something’
30 September 2015 —  5 October 2015
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Theatre ‘post’ will present at Erarta ‘Lecture on Something’.


Theatre 'post' is an independent organisation that was founded by Dimitri Volkostrelov in 2011.

‘Lecture on Something’, just like the preceding “Lecture on nothing’, unites two contemporary artistic frameworks — musical and the theatrical — as one.

Volkostrelov’s dilogy addresses John Cage’s theories within the theatrical context. John Cage is one of the most influential American post-war avant-garde composers, known for his radical innovations in music.  His revolutionary approach on music theory and its social impact still inspire all spheres of arts and culture.



30 September 19:00

1 October 19:00, 21:00

3 October 19:00, 21:00

4 October 19:00, 21:00

5 October 19:00, 21:00




* Please note that on the day of the event tickets can be purchased only at the museum ticket office.

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