Erarta MOTION PICTURES. Music events
26 March 2014 — 30 March 2014
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On 26–30 March Erarta presents II International Festival of Short Films about Painting Erarta MOTION PICTURES. Every night starting from 27 March under the special program the festival will host such musicians as "Cemtex", "Plaem", "Vena Portae" и Olya Bravina.

Concert schedule:

  • 27 March (THU). 21:00. Cemtex.
    Abstract Electronic music by Stepan Nikulin (St.-Petersburg).
  • 28 March (FRI). 21:00. Plaem.
    Improvisational electronic duo of Denis Davydov and Alexandr Morozov. A great combination of atmospheric vocals, soft rhythmic patterns and environmental sounds.
  • 29 March (SAT). 21:00. Vena Portae.
    Electroacoustic band from Barnaul, the heart of the Altai Region. The participants - Artem Demidov and Katerina Zlobina – masterfully create live and synthesized sound, acoustics and electronics. Their melodic compositions combine digital and natural sounds (mountains, rivers, forests), as well as live acoustic instruments (guitar, percussion, melodica, metallophone, singing bowls, Native American folk flutes, and random objects) and vocals. If one tries to define their style, he’ll be choosing from such genres as ambient, glitch, IDM, soundscapes, microwaves, trip-hop, ethnic, psychedelic rock, trip-hop, and even noise. Each concert of Vena Portae is a journey deep into the sensations and feelings. You can simply listen and dance or you can surrender to the musical flow and fall into a wonderful adventure.
  • 30 March (SUN). 21:00. Olya Bravina.
    Olya Bravina is a songwriter and a singer in English language. Her music is fascinating and charming; it offers the listener more interior space and light than he can feel from the exterior world. It balances somewhere between downtempo, indie pop, pop jazz and lounge. The singer defines her style as an alternative pop.

Please note that Olya Bravina’s concert will be held within the closing ceremony in the Grand Hall. Entrance fee — 500 rub.

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