"Islands". Performance by "DEREVO" Theatre
23 April 2015 — 27 April 2015
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Erarta Stage

Every day from April 23 to April 27 the legendary "DEREVO" Theatre will play their performance "Islands" at Erarta Stage.

In January our visitors had chance to see the famous "Once…" performance, which hasn’t been demonstrated in St. Petersburg for more than 7 years. This April DEREVO theater presents their other play that hasn’t been on stage for many years.

"Islands" has already become a legend and received multiple European theatre awards. It’s a composition of scenes about the eternal conflict of dream and reality. The most important means of expression here are music (composer Roman Dubinnikov) and light (Falk Dittrich).

Director: Anton Adasinsky and "DEREVO"

On the stage: Elena Yarovaya, Alice Oleinik, Anton Adasinsky, Maxim Didenko, Tatiana Luzai

Composer: Roman Dubinnikov

Sound: Daniel Williams

Light: Falk Dittrich Stage: Andrey Bobylev

Management: Isolde Matkey

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