Erik Truffaz (France) and Co: Zigfried (France) feat Artis Orubs (Latvia)
19 September 2016, Monday 20:00
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On September 19 Erarta stage by Eric Tryuffaz — one of the most vibrant and active European jazzmen.


French trumpeter Erik Truffaz,one of the most vibrant and active European jazzmen, needs no presentation to those interested in improvisational music. Thanks to his experiments in electronics, drum'n'base, ambient, and synthesized music, he’s been warmly beloved by the non-conservative admirers of jazz and electronics starting from his very first LPs. He’s been to Russia before and even recorded an album called “Arkhangelsk” inspired by visiting the northern city. 

This time he’ll play with his old friend, musician and filmmaker Zigfried (or just Zig), a tireless traveler and a big admirer of geography; with Michal Fenichev, a rapper from  St. Petersburg band “Est' Est' Est'”, and Victor Pivtorepavlo, the founder of “Zaprechennie barabanchiki”. The last one collaborated with Truffaz on the album “Elegia Session”, a deep and contemplative mixture of jazz-rock, psychedelic, jazz fusion, acoustic and city sounds of Istanbul, Almaty and Bangkok.. 

Another participant of the concert will be Artis Orubs, a virtuoso drummer from Riga, who spent a long time studying in the Netherlands and worked with the major European jazzmen. 



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