“NeoClassic”. Concert
2 April 2014, Wednesday 04:00
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Dmitry Jankovsky, a leading singer of the Helikon Opera and the soloist of “Mamma mia!” and “The Beauty and The Beast” musicals, will present his solo program “NeoClassic” in Erarta. 

Dmitry obtains the award from the Trade Union Committee of the Presidential Administration "For high skills and professionalism". He was also nominated for the "Guinness Book of Records" as a person performing five major roles in one performance (Stage Entertainment company) and is a laureate of multiple international competitions.

The premiere of the program happened in May 2013 and featured ex-soloist of "Leningrad" band Julia Kogan and DedooX vocal band.
"NeoClassic" is a synthesis of classical, pop and rock music, academic vocal and other musical styles. Dmitry masterfully combines academic and modern sound since the project was meant as an experiment of mixed genres, styles and manners. One of the artist's main goals is to popularize classical music and raise public interest to the academic performance. This project includes not only music, but also other forms of art such as dance and painting. Alexandr Vachter stages a mix of classical and modern choreography and Anna Aleeva makes paintings for the project. Thus, NeoClassic it is not only a combination of genres, but a fusion of arts in general.

You will hear the hits of "The Queen", "ABBA", "System of a Down" and others. All the songs are accompanied by a string quintet Corelli. Such unusual synthesis will be interesting both for classically orientated audience and for those who are accustomed to the modern sound.

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