Leonid Fedorov and Vladimir Volkov. Presentation of the album “Groza”
23 April 2016, Saturday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

Leonid Fedorov and Vladimir Volkov will play their new joint programme “Groza” (“The Storm”) at Erarta Stage on April 23.

  • photo: Valentin Monastyrski

  • photo: Valentin Monastyrski

  • photo: Valentin Monastyrski


Leonid Fedorov has established himself as one of the leading “indie” rock artists of Russia. Born and raised in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad), in 1983 he founded a rock band of his own, which was given the name of Auktyon. From the very beginning he assumed the role of the main composer and musical director of Auktyon; later he also took up leading vocals, thus becoming the band’s leader, responsible for the band’s musical image, who, however, always preferred to remain out of focus of public attention onstage.  In a short while, Auktyon gained the reputation of one of the most interesting Russian rock acts with the most unique and original sound and style. Apart from the band’s other advantages, it owed a great part of its success to Fedorov’s extraordinary musical talent.

Although never putting Auktyon on hold Fedorov in 1997 started a solo career, first as a “one man” unplugged act. In this capacity, he releases his first solo album “Chetyrespolovinoitonny”. Next year he teamed up with the highly reputed ethno-jazz formation “VolkovTrio”; this alliance resulted in a series of shows and records. This experience shows him at his best again: a daring artist, an original musician, exploring unwandered worlds, an entertainer who can truly make his listener follow him, share his emotions and think.


Vladimir Volkov, a famous St. Petersburg musician and composer, should have been already put into the list of the national and even world heritage. He is fairly considered one of the best modern bass players on both sides of the ocean.

In his sound experiments Volkov explores completely different territories: plays early Baroque music, performs the hits of minimalism, writes sound tracks for films, and collaborates with theaters both as an invited musician and as an actor. Moreover, Vladimir Volkov has staged a few interesting theatre performances, where he acts as the script author, actor, director, and, of course, sound engineer.

Vladimir Volkov is a modern example of an old school artist and the “Renaissance Man”.

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