“HoronkOkun”. Concert
17 May 2015, Sunday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

Art-jazz project of Dmitry Horonko and Yakov Okun on May 17 at 20:00 in Erarta.

The creative union of two original musicians Dmitry Horonko (vocals) and Yakov Okun (piano) has resulted in unusual art-jazz project “HoronkOkun”. They play songs by Alexandr Vertinsky, Alexei Hvostenko, Vladimir Shainsky and other authors of the past and the present. 

Band members:

Dmitry Horonko — vocals

Yakov Okun — Piano

Maxim Piganov — trombone

Alexei Denisov — drums

Rinat Safargaliev — contrabass

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