“Superposition”. Concert-performance by “SPINA” art-group
21 May 2014, Wednesday 04:00
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How much of art is there in science, and how much of science is there in art? Studio "SPINA" presents a series of theatrical experiments "Superposition". Total synthesis of music, video, theater and science.

Secrets of science, unveiled through theatrical imagery and metaphors. Real scientific experiments taking place in the here and now, right before your very eyes. A mysterious atmosphere of a theatrical and scientific laboratory where researchers and researches intermingle. Where living people with their own stories, emotions and lives find themselves within strict scientific laws. Where the audience is involved in the process of research and has the ability to feel itself both inside and outside of this theatrical and scientific experiment.

"Superposition" is an attempt to pose questions: what is art and what is science in contemporary understanding? How do they relate to each other? How do scientific laws operate in art? Is there a reverse connection — can art influence science?

"Superposition" is an attempt to translate science to a language of imagery, and vice versa. An attempt to examine the interactions between the rational and the irrational. An attempt to make science and art collide so the impact could free the energy of music, light and motion in a modern interactive performance.

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