Dariusz Mazurowski, “Bardoseneticcube”, Ilya Belorukov and Sergey Kostyrko. Concert
29 June 2014, Sunday 04:00
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Erarta will host a big concert of electronic music: surreal sound, improvisations on a modular synthesizer and the world premiere of “Nonacoustic Symphony” by Dariusz Mazurovsky on June 29.

Ilya Belorukov and Sergey Kostyrko (St.-Petersburg) 

The duet of Ilya Belorukov and Sergey Kostyrko is keen on new tendencies in experimental electronic music. They work with modular synthesizers, digital computer syntheses and original recordings. Improvisational nature of their sound allows the performers each time to discover new facets of music. 

“Bardoseneticcube” (St. Petersburg)

The project “Bardoseneticcube” was started in 1998. The most accurate definition of their music is surrealism: “pure psychic automatism, which aims to express functioning of thinking. It is a dictation of thoughts out of mind control and beyond any aesthetic or moral considerations”. The project has made more than 20 releases in Russia and abroad. “Bardoseneticcube” also work with sound and video installations. They live sound stylistically ranges from techno-shamanic trance to heavy harsh-noise and electroacoustic experiments with incredibly wide frequency range (from subsonic to UHF) and choice of instruments: computers, ethnic instruments, electronic processing, water sounds, field recordings and a lot more. 

Dariusz Mazurowski (Poland)

Dariusz Mazurowski is a Polish electroacoustic music composer, producer and performer born and currently living in Gdańsk.

His list of works include mainly electronic / acousmatic compositions, but also some instrumental music with electronics (or music for various sound objects, both acoustic and electronic), audio installations, radiophonic collages and electroacoustic improvised music.

In his works he combines traditional analog instruments with sonic potential of digital technology and computers — electronic / synthesized sounds with processed microphone recordings (concrete sounds) and samples. Also active as a visual artist (graphics, drawings, photography and video) and as a journalist (publishing texts mainly devoted to contemporary music: history, perspectives, theory, technical aspects and studio technology). He also takes part in scientific conferences, workshops and produces various electroacoustic music concerts.

His musical works have been aired by various radio stations, played live at festivals and other events — in Europe (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Russia to name a few) and outside (USA, Canada and China for example). His installations, visual works and graphics have been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world. Dariusz Mazurowski is a member of Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music (PSeME).

At Erarta the composer will present his “Non Acoustic Symphony”, a large-scale electroacoustic composition in seven parts.
The author describes the “Symphony” as a kind of musical treatise on the nature of sounds from purely acoustic to purely electronic.

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