Helen Marnie (Ladytron). Concert
6 November 2015, Friday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On 6 November, Friday, Helen Marnie, a member of Ladytron, will give a concert at Erarta Stage.


Helen Marnie was born in in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a classically trained pianist and a graduate of the University of Liverpool, BA in pop music. In the summer of 1999, Liverpudlian producers and DJs Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu met students Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo. Sharing similar interests in music, they formed the electronic band Ladytron in the same year. Since then, Marnie performed as the lead singer of the band, and also played synthesizers and contributed to songwriting. During its existence the band released five albums (604, Light & Magic, Witching Hour, Velocifero and Gravity the Seducer) and earned international recognition thank to such singles as Playgirl, Seventeen, Destroy Everything You Touch, Ghosts and Ace of Hz. At the moment, the team is on sabbatical. In 2012 Helen Marnie started her solo career.

Marnie shot her first solo music video on 30 April in Glasgow with a group of friends. On 16 May 2013, she announced the cover and the title of the album, Crystal World. On 29 May 2013, Marnie premiered on her official YouTube account the music video directed by Michael Sherrington for her debut single as solo artist, "The Hunter".


‘The Hunter’ was later released as a single, with remixes by Roman Nouza, Mark Reeder and Stephen Morris (Joy Division / New Order) on a twelve-inch vinyl in limited edition. The new track ‘Wolves’ will be released on a seven-inch vinyl in April 2015.

In 2015, Helen Marnie’s band will tour around Europe and will perform at Erarta on 6 November.


* Please note that on the day of the event tickets can be purchased only at the museum ticket office.

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