Jay-Jay Johanson. “Cockroach”
7 March 2014, Friday 04:00
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On march 7 swedish musician Jay-Jay Johanson will perform his new program at Erarta.

Jay-Jay Johanson hypnotizes the audience with melancholic vocals and beautiful melodies as always, but every time he makes a surprise and performs new arrangements and rhythms. The 11 tracks of his new album show the musician's interest in art melodramatic pop music, the main genre of his songs. It goes without saying that the dramatic and cinematic "Cockroach" is one more important step in the music career of Jay-Jay Johanson. Torrential rain, gloomy fog and complete darkness — love is gone forever.

"Cockroach" is a mix of soft rhythms, tense sounds of drums and intricate tunes of percussion.

This time Jay-Jay Johanson has expressed his emotions stronger than ever. We might say that this experience is the reinvention of urban blues. On March 7 Jay-Jay Johanson will perform his new songs at Erarta.

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