Showcase Yourself at Erarta – 2012
28 September 2012, Friday
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Each of us is an artist. Erarta celebrate this wonderful fact of the annual global scale action art «Draw in Erarta».

Every man is an artist. Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates this remarkable fact by the annual celebrations of public creativity «Showcase Yourself at Erarta». To give an opportunity to create not only to selected artists but to everyone just for one evening all five floors of the museum exhibition will be replaced with white canvases. Erarta invites everybody to create because the creation is one of the greatest value ​​and pleasure in our life.

In 2012 the event «Showcase Yourself at Erarta» will be on September, 28. This year we present more colors, brushes and white canvases. Everyone can be like a real artist and get a chance to create his masterpiece directly in the museum and show it to the audience. After the event the authors can take their works home or give them to a charity sale in support of the Veterans home № 1 in Saint Petersburg.

Entertainment program follows that the main idea of ​​the event is a participation in the creative process. In the areas of the other kinds of art like music, theater, literature, stand-up genre some groups of people will show their best headed by experts-moderators. Non-stop poetry, music, drama and comedy will represent their creativity and unpredictability. Find more entertainment in the photo zone where we will help you to choose and capture your unusual image and don't forget about «Silent disco».

Entrance and participation into the creative processes in all creative zones are free. You can use up to 800 white canvases, but the number of places for drawing is limited with the area of ​​the museum and there is a great demand for every white canvas during the event (last year more than 3000 people visited «Showcase Yourself at Erarta».) Advance booking is a guarantee of the workplace availability on the 28th of September. We set more than 200 workplaces for an advance booking.

You can book the workplace by taking part in our art contest «Every man is an Artist". Use this motto for drawing, taking photos, composing a poem, writing music, shooting video. Free up your creative genius. Composed a Haiku? Post it on our twitter. Ready to pose at the top of Everest with a bunch of brushes? Upload your photos to Instagram.

You can post your works in «Every man is an Artist» topic on Erarta official community page «Vkontakte» or send them to Do not forget to attach the tag #erarta_showcase. At the end of the week every winner will get a booked workplace. The winner is decided by the highest number of Likes. Organization Committee of «Showcase Yourself at Erarta» event has the right to award the author of the liked work with a booked workplace. There is an artist in everyone!

For questions related to the event write to We will reply with great pleasure.

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