Bence Peter (Hungary)
9 December 2015, Wednesday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On 9 December the “fastest piano player” Bence Peter will perform at Erarta Stage.


Bence Peter, who started his career at age 4 as a piano prodigy is now a 24-year-old Internet sensation, pianist, composer, songwriter and music producer who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most piano hits in a single minute, earning him the title of the “fastest piano player”.

Among his achievements both as a performer and a composer — including first, second and third prizes at national and international contests. Bence Peter was accepted at the world's No.1 contemporary music institution, the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA where he studied piano and film scoring as an outstanding scholarship recipient, allowing him to learn from the greatest and most influential musicians of the industry.



Since 2011 Bence Peter has been performing throughout the USA, Europe and Japan. Alongside his career as a solo artist, he has composed commercial music for TV and movie theaters, short films and documentaries and also got involved in songwriting for pop artists.

While extending his knowledge in music production and arrangement he became inspired to merge all of that knowledge into his piano performance to eventually create his unique sound and push his boundaries both on a technical and artistic level.

Most recently he uploaded his virtuosic piano version of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” mashed up with “Smooth Criminal” which has become an instant viral hit and brought worldwide attention. The video was seen by 12 million people within the first 10 days, and was shared by over 200,000 people on Facebook. By today, if we count all Facebook and Youtube views, this number has reached 25 million views and more than 520.000 shares.



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