Two Siberians. Concert
15 January 2016, Friday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

The instrumental duo Two Siberians will perform at Erarta Stage on January 15 at 20:00.

The members of Two Siberians instrumental duo Yuri Matveev (guitar) and Artem Yakushenko (violin) are both from Siberia. Together they have written several hundred pieces of music.

For almost two decades the critics have been defining the genre the "mad Siberians" play, so to make their lives easier the band built up a few genre-based programs: World Music, Progressive Jazz, and Rock. But it really doesn't matter what term is used, since the original sound, expressive virtuosity, and beautiful melodies attract audiences from all over the world and leave no one indifferent.

The band has collaborated with such musicians as Michael Brecker, Richard Bona, Jethro Tull, Chick Corea, and Dave Brubeck, and participated in such big events as Rodchester Jazz Festival (USA), JVC (USA), Livercusin Jazz Festival (Germany), Oslo World Music (Norway), Nashesnvie (Russia), and Usadba Jazz Festival (Russia).


“The stunning and innovative synthesis of cultures and musical idioms. The amazing unison of Two Siberians raises the profound, virtuosic and beautiful melodies to a new level!” — Rolling Stone

“When I’ve seen Two Siberians, I was literally shocked. And not only me, everyone who was hearing them, felt the same!”— Russ Titelman, producer and Grammy winner 


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