“Dance of Time”. Flamenco Spectacle
9 February 2015, Monday 11:53
  • Слайдер для “Dance of Time”. Flamenco Spectacle
Erarta stage

Jean Cocteau wrote: “Flamenco is a fire which dies out to be born again”. Flamenco dance is one of the most recognized symbols of Spain and the embodiment of the country’s free-spiritedness and cheerfulness.

Passionate performance of flamenco “Dance of Time” takes place in Erarta on February 9.

The spectacle touches upon the subject of all-consuming and merciless time. Flamenco dance will be performed by “Sol y Sombra” dancing group (E.Vasilieva, O. Eltsina, S. Pavlova) and invited soloist Konstantin Frolov.

The narration will be accompanied by video consisting of the world-famous paintings.

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