French new circus: circus performance "Puddle"
9 December 2014, Tuesday 03:00
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On December 7th, 8th and 9th Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents a circus performance "Puddle".

As a part of the workshop "Circus" on December 7th, 8th, 9th in Erarta there will be held the French circus performance "Puddle" of the "DeFracto" Company. This is a circus performance by two jugglers and a D.Jt. Scene boundaries are marked with sticky tape, light is used instead of scenography. Are you expecting the usual juggling — with two men focused on throwing up in the air and catching from 3 to 12 balls? No! They juggle 3 balls, while there are 40 of them on stage, lose objects, fall in dance (or dance in the fall?).

They create boundaries only to overcome them and entice the audience away with the heady feeling of freedom.

Performance is organized by the III St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum and St. Petersburg Circus Ciniselli.  

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