DEREVO Theatre. “Ketzal”
17 September 2015 — 21 September 2015
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Erarta Stage

DEREVO THEATRE will present “Ketzal” performance at Erarta Stage from 17 to 21 September.


The title refers to a South American myth about a sacred bird with a snake head. The performance has been shown in Russia only once, but already toured the whole world. Such countries as Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Taiwan and many other have already applauded “Ketzal”.

It came to life in winter 2004. Thank to this work St.-Petersburg discovered the concept of “physical theater”. In 2006, the play was awarded “Archangel” at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, and in 2007 — “Golden Mask” in Russia.

“Ketzal” is a hymn to the body as the first human tool. It would be illusion to expect from DEREVO a straight narration. The performance presents such mystical, sensuous and fiction substances and creatures that can be hardly compared with anything else.


* Please note that on the day of the event tickets can be purchased only at the museum ticket office.

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