Anton Maskeliade. Concert
23 February 2015, Monday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

Anton Maskeliade will give a concert of experimental music in Erarta on February 23.

Anton Maskeliade is one of the first musicians in the world who plays music and visuals with gesture control technology leap motion.

He played in New York, Washington, Lucerne and Stockholm. Was acknowledged by The Guardian, Ableton, Peter Jenner (Pink Floyd manager), Leap Motion and Resolume. Was nominated for “Steppenwolf” and took part in Waves International Music Festival and Conference in Vienna and Bratislava.

He opened for such artists as Moderat, Emika, Dub Fx, The Glitch Mob, Sun Glitters, The Herbaliser, Xeno and Oaklander. Organized first Russian musical Street Studio (workshops and open-air performances), and participated in OneBeat international music program. Performed at Stereoleto, Electromechanics, Motherland, Avant Fest, Fields, and Archstoyanie.

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