Festival of the Synthesis of Arts ▲CROSS ART 2015
30 September 2015 —  5 October 2015
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From 30 September to 5 October Erarta ▲CROSS ART Festival will present unusual art projects from Russia and Europe.


▲ CROSS ART 2015 — the most fascinating art festival held this autumn in Saint-Petersburg. It is dedicated to the synthesis of various artistic disciplines that will come together in the most unexpected ways creating a platform for alternative ways of playing with different media and genres. From the 30th of September to the 5th of October, five museum floors will become hosts of multidisciplinary artistic practices, interactive and audio-visual installations, unusual art objects and forms from all around the world. Exhibition space will also be complemented by a daily evening programme on Erarta Stage. It will feature concerts and theatre performances, some of which will be shown in Russia for the very first time.


30 September 20:00 

Anton Adasinskiy, Theatre “DEREVO”

Play “Story of a Girl”

“Story of a Girl” is an autobiographical narrative, written by A. Adasinskiy in dedication of his mother. The text will be accompanied by Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy’s live music, diaries and notes will turn into the performance's subtitles and decorations, and long-forgotten items will light the way into their historical beginning. 

Price: RUB 2000

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1 October 20:00

Dewey Dell (Italy)

Performance “Marzo”

With support of the Italian Institute of Culture, St. Petersburg, Dewey Dell group will present their performance “Marzo” for the very first time in Russia. “Marzo” is based on an ambiguous and disorientating force, containing in itself the strongest human emotions, which the audience will experience through unknown creatures from another planet. Manga-style costumes for the performance were custom made by Japanese designers.

Price: RUB 1200-1800

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2 October 20:00*

A very special evening, Erarta will be celebrating its 5th Birthday! Apart from the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and ▲CROSS ART Installations, festival guests will also be invited to the electronic and experimental music concert!

Line up:

SBPC (‘The Biggest Prime Number’) (Russia)

Addictive TV (United Kingdom)

Dj Food & DK (United Kingdom)

Dewey Dell (Italy)

Block(BASS)ter (Russia)

Playtronica (RU)

Mr Armtone (Russia)

Anton Adasinsky's “Extended Day Group”

*Entrance via Erarta Annual Pass.

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3 October 20:00

Karbido (Poland) 

Performance “The Table” 

In partnership with Polish Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Cross Art Festival will feature “Karbido”s experimental avant-garde audio spectacle “The Table”, performed with a custom made musical table.

Price: RUB 1200-1800

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4 October 19:00

Dialogue Dance (Russia)

“Piece a Vivre”/ “Living room”

“Piece a Vivre”/ “Living room” is a multidisciplinary project, bringing together contemporary dance, music, media art and experimental digital editing. The performance is inspired by relationships between men and women, love and solitude, unity and self-identity. Actors will aim to re-imagine the love phenomenon of desire to belong to one another.

Price: RUB 600-1000

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5 October 20:00

Hauschka (Germany)

Solo performance, piano

Volker Bertelmann, known as Hauschka, is a German experimental pianist and composer. Inspired by John Cage’s and Aphex Twin’s revolutionary musical innovations, Bertelmann manipulates his musical instrument and breaks its sound boundaries by equipping it with alien objects and mechanisms.

Price: RUB 800-1200

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Playtronica (Russia)

Things that Sound”. Musical instruments exhibition

Playtronica’s exhibition will aim to introduce their audience to the basis of modern music showcasing a unique collection of musical instruments made out of everyday materials, dancing floor, musical bicycle, jelly synthesizer and many more. 


Nonotak (France-Japan)

audiovisual installation “Horizons”

Takami Nakamoto and Noemi Schipfer are a duo of visual artists working with different media, such as image, sound, light and space. “Horizons” is an installation made out of diode stripes. They sensitively react on surrounding sounds, filling the nearby space with interesting graphical patterns. 


Museum of Sound (Russia)

Experimental Musical Instruments Exhibition

Permanent display of the museum are original musical instruments, created by musicians specifically for their own compositions: original music notation, musical landscapes and St. Petersburg’s musical map.


Theatre ‘post’ (St. Petersburg)

'Waiting for the lecture'

Theatre post encourages the audience to remember that well-known feeling of waiting for a lecture at school or university, thus immersing John Cage's text into an absolutely new context. Who would we have become, if we’d listened to Cage’s 'Lecture on something' at the universities? It’s not possible to predict, but it is possible to imagine ourselves at the moment of waiting and to try to spend this time as if we would do waiting for those other lectures. The sound installation plays fragments of 'Lecture on nothing' with no order, illustrating that there is always “nothing” in the process of waiting for “something”. The blackboards are at the full disposal of the waiting audience.

‘Lection on Nothing’ by theatre ‘post’. Buy tickets online



RaumZeitPiraten (Germany)

“Drafts for Zero Gravity”. Installation

Space and time bending artists collective RaumZeitPiraten will exhibit magical kinetic installations from everyday materials — lab equipment, optical and acoustic sensors, lasers, magnifying glass and mirrors. Installation exhibition space will also feature a number of experimental films by “In Silicio” Studio. 


Tonoptik (Russia)

Interactive audio-visual installation ‘Portal’

Tonoptik is an audio-visual project dedicated to the search and study of peculiar forms achieved when electronic music meets various visual forms achieved by the use of multimedia tools. Installation ‘Portal’ is based on these forms and aims to recreate a physical space-time continuum, letting the audience to become a part of this mysterious invention.

5th floor

Animation Crank Handle (Finland)

Amusement Park

Group interactive installation organised by 13 artists-animators, each of whom prepared an extraordinary ‘attraction’: fortune teller, enormous zoetrope, digital portrait and other fascinating objects that will make your experience a real amusement ride.


Petri Bergman, Maria Björklund, Erika Weiste, Marko Leinonen, Joni Männistö, Lucas Pedersen, Reetta Neittaanmäki, Kaisa Penttilä, Tatu Pohjavirta, Aiju Salminen, Niina Suominen, Elli Vuorinen, Jani Lehto.

Until 19 October.

Cinema hall 1

Aleksandr Manotskov and Krasnoyarsk Museum of Culture (Russia) 

Installation “Boye” 

Installation will feature domestic items of Northern people, accompanied by contemporary avant-garde music and Dolby-Digital sound creating a sense of presence in Tundra. Aleksandr Manotskov’s opera “Boye” was recorded especially for the festival. 

5th floor of the museum

‘TE’ video-artists group (Russia)

Videoinstallation “NITI” Work In Progress

A group of theatre video-artists will showcase an experimental project, featuring a multimedia space, which sensitively reacts on any sounds, thus changing surrounding it digital decorations made for simultaneously running events at the festival.


30 September

19:00 Aleksand Manotskov and vocal ensemble ‘Eleon’                                                    5th floor 

19:00 Theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Something”**                                                                   3В

19:30 Playtronica. Installation-concert                                                                                  2А

20:00 Dmitriy Shubin’s improvisational concert                                                                   3А

21:00 Theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Nothing”**                                                                        3В


1 October

19:00  Block(BASS)ter, Video Concert                                                                                   5th floor

19:00 Theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Something”**                                                                   3В

21:00 Theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Something”**                                                                   3В


2 October

19:00 Street Performance. Anton Adasinsky's “Extended Day Group”

20:00 Dariusz Mazurowski (Poland), Sergey Kostyrko                                                        5th floor

and Sergey Filatov. Audiovisual performance 

21:00 Playtronica. Installation-concert                                                                                  2A

21:00 Tonoptik. Electroacoustic noise                                                                                   5th floor


3 October

14:00 Guided tour for children: Museum of Sound exhibition                                           3A

19:00  Smartphone concert conducted by Andrey Bundin                                                 5th floor

19:00 Theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Something”**                                                                   3В

20:00 Dmitriy Shubin’s improvisational concert                                                                   3А

21:00 Theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Something”**                                                                   3В


4 October

14:00 Children master class by Playtronica                                                                          2А

19:00 Theatre ‘TRU’, site-specific play ‘Could One Dream of Anything More’                5th floor

19:00 Theatre post ‘Lecture on Something’                                                                          3В

20:00 Dmitriy Shubin’s improvisational concert                                                                   3А

21:00 Theatre ‘post’ ‘Lecture on Something’                                                                        3В


5 October

19:00 Audio-visual performance                                                                                             5th floor 

19:00 Theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Something”                                                                       3В

20:00  “Anton Tut Ryadom” (‘Anton is right here’) centre orchestra

conducted by A. Plusin                                                                                                              3А

21:00 Theatre ‘post’ ‘Lecture on Something’                                                                        3В


*All the simultaneous events will be held within the Installation programme and do not require an additional ticket. Access with museum ticket or Annual Pass, see exceptions below:

**Tickets for theatre ‘post’ “Lecture on Something” must be purchased separately. Each performance is limited to 12 people. 

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