"Youth Crew". Concert
25 July 2014, Friday 04:00
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Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art will host a concert by "Youth Crew" band on July 25 at 20:00.

Their musical roads were running somewhere very close and one day they twisted together. The super trendy musical formation "Youth Crew" consists of three people: Denis Ringo Sladkevich ("PEP-SEE", "Volkovtrio", "Skazy Lesa", etc.); DJ Re-Disco, also known as Denis Medvedev ("Dva Samoleta", "NOM", "PEP-SEE"); and Alexandr Lushin, an actor, one of the founders of the "Takoy Teatr", permanent lead singer of "Prepinaki" and a former member of "Little brothers". 

This time the musicians will meet to play new songs by Alexandr Lushin.

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