Repost of Christ. Performance
15 October 2016, Saturday 20:00
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Museum wing, floor 5

On 15 October Erarta Museum (Museum Wing, 5th floor) will host an experimental performance “Repost of Christ”.


The Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, the creative group of Professor G. Trostyanetsky and the Laboratory of M. Patlasov are proud to present their pilot project “Repost of Christ”.

What could the group selfie of our generation be? Is there a cure for loneliness?

“... Well, let’s say a tree falls in the jungle while no one is looking. You din’t see it, you din’t know about it. Did it happen? When I'm standing here alone, I, in fact, do not exist, because no one knows I'm here..." — says a young Petersburger... Meanwhile, his words are being recorded on tape, the audio is being transformed into text, read aloud, and discussed. His monologue becomes a theatrical sketch and, finally, a part of the performance called "Repost of Christ”... The performance is based on documentary texts and interviews collected by the students of G. Trostyanetsky’s studio under the guidance of M. Patlasov.


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