Zapreschennye Barabanschiki (Forbidden Drummers). Concert
10 July 2016, Sunday 20:00
  • Слайдер для Zapreschennye Barabanschiki (Forbidden Drummers). Concert
Erarta Stage

Zapreschennye Barabanschiki will play a big show on 10 July at Erarta Stage. 


Zapreschennye Barabanschiki orchestra is the most outstanding and provocative Russian music project of the late twentieth century, driving crazy and making move any dance floor from the very first song. It is unlikely that there is a Russian who doesn’t know the lyrics of their top hits: “Ubili Negra”, “Tabletka”, “Mama Zuzu”, “Slutchai v McDonalds" or “1000000 USD”.

The big concert of Zapreschennye Barabanschiki is a great excuse to spend time in a good company of smart friends and their gorgeous girlfriends, to test the strength of your own legs at the dance floor and to make a couple of non-trivial conclusions about the human values: beer, fishing, and rock-n-roll. The gig by these guys is undoubtedly the best legal antidepressant!



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