Messer Chups. Presentation of the album “The Voice of Zombierella”
8 April 2016, Friday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

Messer Chups will play a concert at Erarta Stage on 8 April. Special guest stars are The Millions and DJ Zombierella.


Messer Chups steadily produce almost perfect standard of smooth, melodic and good-natured guitar music. The aesthetics of Oleg Gitarkin's band has always been as important as the sound. Perhaps this is why this pin-up and low-budget horror inspired self-mocking surf rock became so popular in Europe and America.



The previous Messer Chups’s albums were repeatedly reissued not only in Russia but also abroad — due to their numerous tours around the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan the musicians are fairly known and beloved world-wide.

After Zombie Girl had joined the project the band revised their image and style. This time Messer Chups will present their new compilation of the vocal tracks from The Voice of Zombierella and the instrumental compositions with Zombirella’s voice, recorded in different periods, including the time of The Bonecollectors projects. 


"After the project Knife for Frau Muller in the late 90s Oleg Gitarkin started a new one called Messer Chups. Based on rockabilly and surf-rock it rapidly became successful  in about 10 years Mike Patton released their record on his Ipecac label. It’s interesting that in Europe guys are better known than in Russia. Gitarkin once told the story how a Serbian festival called the Russian consulate asking whether they could bring Messer Chups to Serbia, and the answer was: "There is no such a band in Russia". However, the band still headquarters in St. Petersburg and presents itself as "a surf band from Russia" which sounds rather exotic", — Afisha Daily Magazine. 


The concert will be accompanied with video footage from erotic, science fiction and "economy class" horror films of the fifties

The special guest stars —The Millions and DJ Zombierella. 

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