Vladimir Martynov. Piano recital
18 October 2015, Sunday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

Vladimir Martynov will give a piano recital on 18 October, Sunday, at Erarta.


“His creative strategy is dichotomy. He feels comfortable when he has at least two points of support, preferably, at the opposite poles. He is a shaman and a glass bead player, a sophisticated structuralist and a "new simplicity supporter"”, — says a musicologist Margarita Katunyan.  He speaks about danger of writing, while being a bright representative of writing civilization, a publisher and a composer ...


Vladimir Martynov (born in1946) graduated from the Moscow Conservatory with a major in "composition" and "piano". During the Soviet time he was one of the most avant-garde composers of the state.

His artistic image has been forming through the complex evolution. He studies music of the XX century, the Western Middle Ages and Renaissance, publishes a series of monographs based on works by Heinrich Isaac, Guillaume de Machaut, Andrea Gabrieli, John Dunstable and Guillaume Dufay (1976-1980). As a collector and researcher of folklore, Martynov organized several folklore expeditions to various regions of Russia, the North Caucasus, the Central Pamir, and Tajikistan, while collaborating with the Moscow experimental electronic music studio. And this is just a small part of his creative path…

Martynov’s integral art connects fundamental structures (Gregorian chorals), classical music heritage of the early modern period and strategies of minimalism and postminimalism.

Vladimir Martynov is the author of more than a dozen of books and numerous philosophical, religious and cultural articles.

Piano recital in two acts.

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