Moonglow. The concert
11 January 2014, Saturday 17:48
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On January 11 the band “Moonglow” is performing a new concert at Erarta. They are known to be the first and most successful Russian musicians performing in the style of New Urban Jazz.

It is obvious that the musicians from Saint Petersburg have their own view and understanding of New Urban Jazz, which is so well-known in Germany, England and Norway, and so unusual in Russia. The sound of “Moonglow” is very light that it makes you leave and forget all urban stresses such as anxiety, doubt and anguish. Perhaps, this feeling of happiness makes their concerts so popular.

Band members:

  • Dmitry Gurovich — electronics, bass, theremin
  • Igor Shilov — trumpet
  • Alexander Alexeev — keyboards
  • Asya Kell — flute
  • Dmitry Schwartz — drums
  • Kirill Vladimirov — audio, video, multimedia
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