Olya Bravina. Concert
8 March 2014, Saturday 04:00
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Olya Bravina will present her new program on the beautiful day of March 8 in Erarta.

Olya Bravina's music is charming and fascinating. It gives the audience more inner space and light than the modern world requires back. She balances somewhere between downtempo, indie pop, pop jazz and lounge. And she defines her style as "alternative pop".

The concert of Olya Bravina is a perfect choice for those who want to feel the atmosphere of joy and to share it with the beloved, making this special day a real celebration of spring, beauty, grace and music.

Spend this evening together!

The band:

  • Olya Bravina — vocals, music, lyrics
  • Max Sobolev — keyboards
  • Michael Edelstein — guitar
  • Victor Arkharov — saxophone, bass clarinet
  • Oleg Fomin — double bass
  • Pavel Ivanov — electro percussion
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