“Synecdoche Montauk” and “The HIK”. Concert
9 March 2014, Sunday 04:00
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Two bright bands from Moscow "Synecdoche Montauk" and "The HIK" will play a big concert in Erarta on March 9.

As a classic said: "Out of silence comes a new word". This is how we can describe "Synecdoche Montauk": a musical project named after a literary trope and a town from the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". The founder of the band, Savva Rozanov, was given his first name in honor of his patron saint Savva Storozhevsky. He adores the Silver Age of Russian poetry, he teaches himself to play various musical instruments and writes his humble compositions together with his soul mates in a Stalin-time apartment block on Alekseevskaya street.

"The HIK" was born in spring of 2012, when a lead singer (Sasha Vinogradova) asked a guitarist Yuri Churchkhellov to play with her one of the solo shows. Since then there has been lots of experiments with different instruments: bass, tuba, cello. It took the band quite a long time to find the right instruments. It also turned into a problem to find the right people, as their music is very emotional and requires deep feeling of each other. As a result, they came to the "minimal" line-up: Yuri Churchhellov on guitar, Andrey Kanushin on drums and Sasha Vinogradova on keyboards and vocal. The band became a part of the Power House project and in April they plan to release their first album of old songs in new arrangements. Most of the Russian songs have their English versions. However, the language does not matter, since it is the voice that transmits the energy and emotions of "The HIK"s music. "We don't want to conquer the world or make a lot of money. We want to share what we have, because it's all sincere. We want our music to bring people lots and lots of happiness".

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