“Yolochniye Igrushki and Co”. Concert “Silent Gigs”
20 March 2014, Thursday 12:45
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Once again “Yolochniye Igrushki”, the experimental and avant-garde ancestors of St. Petersburg electronic music, will demonstrate their outstanding musical experiments in order to surprise the audience.

Erarta will host another Silent Gigs on 20 March. One of the headliners of the headphones party will be “Yolochniye Igrushki". The band has become a perfect companion for this ambitious Erarta project. Silent Gigs happen when all the guests at the concert are given headphones and listen to the performance “in silence”. Moreover, the technology allows to send wirelessly three independent musical signals to each guest, so everyone can choose what to listen. Each signal belongs to a different musician or a band. Thus we can say that the audience simultaneously visits three different concerts.  

The whole musical content is created by “Yolochniye Igrushki" together with their invited fellow musicians. Their common mission is to balance the musical material between the individual and the general mode.  

“Coaxil”, an audiovisual project successfully debuted in spring of 2009 on the international multimedia festival “Electro-Mechanics” will perform in the first part of the show. Their major performances are based on the principle of spontaneous improvisation:  ripple drum machines, synthe buzz, flexible vocals and dynamic video projections are often twisted in the most intricate and unexpected ways.

In the second part will feature AZ  (Alexander Zaitsev), the member  of “Yolochniye Igrushki” electronic duo. The musician became famous in Russia and abroad by its crystal and quirky electronic sounds.

The third part of the concert will feature Ilya Belorukov, a musician from St. Petersburg, who plays improvisations of electronic music and noise. Ilya is a member of many different projects ("Wozzeck", "Wooden Plants", etc.), he works with musicians of different styles (from hardcore to modern classical music), including David Stackenäs (Sweden), Birgit Ulher and Ignaz Schick (Germany), Radu Malfatti (Austria), Darius Čiuta, Arturas Bumšteinas and Arkadij Gotesman (Lithuania), Topias Tiheäsalo and Janne Tuomi (Finland), Edyta Fil and Rafal Mazur (Poland), Thomas Buckner, Eyal Maoz and Susie Allen (USA), Yuri Yaremchuk and Alla Zagaykevych (Ukraine), Vladislav Makarov, Roman Stolyar, Alexey Borisov, Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky, Sergei Letov and Alexey Lapin (Russia). He participated in such festivals as " 10th Anniversary Festival" (Moscow); "SKIF" (St. Petersburg), "Apozitsiya" (St. Petersburg), "Electro-Mechanica" (St. Petersburg); "Budapest Spring Festival" (Budapest), "ESG-21 10th Anniversary Festival" (St. Petersburg), "Sound and Fury" (Moscow), "Gogolfest" (Kiev), "Body navigation" (St. Petersburg); "Jauna Muzika" (Vilnius, Klaipeda); "Angelica" (Bologna); "Baba Fest" (Rome), etc. The musician is also a concert promoter in St. Petersburg and one of the founders of experimental music label "Intonema".

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