St.Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra. Concert
29 January 2015, Thursday 03:00
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Erarta will host an evening of conducted improvisations on January 29

St. Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra is the only improvisers orchestra in Russia. It was established in February 2012 on the basis of Gallery of Experimental Sound Gallery (GEZ-21), and today includes about 30 musicians, both famous and beginning. Such artists as Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy (trumpeter), Hikaru Yamada (Japanese saxophonist), Maral Yakshieva (pianist), Helen Bledsoe (German flutist), and Vladislav Bystrov (Russian-German saxophonist )played with the orchestra at different times.

First developed by Walter Thompson and William Morris, orchestrated improvisation recently has become quite popular. Today it exists in London, New York, Berlin, Glasgow, Amsterdam and many other cities. The most famous orchestra is The London Improvisers Orchestra, which is more than 10 years old and includes over 40 musicians. Only during 2012 world musical map was enriched by Japanese Tokyo Improvisers Orchestra, Polish Cracow Improvisers Orchestra and Austrian Styrian Improvisers Orchestra. Musicians in such orchestras improvise on the edge of composition and improvisation, while being directed by a conductor and a specially developed system of signs and gestures.

Current orchestra members:

Conductor — Dmitry Shubin.

Aleksandr Vladimirsky (bass), Nikita Epifanov (bass), Natalia Nazarova (cello), Mikhail Kuznetsov (cello), Diana Kapizova (violin), Antonina Pozdnyakov (violin), Nikolai Rubanov (wind), Mark Prishly (saxophone, piano), Vladimir Luchansky (saxophone), Leonid Perevalov (bass clarinet), Mikhail Kolovskiy (tuba), Konstantin Oganov (trumpet), Nikolai Maevsky (flute), Maxim Pozin (flute, trombone), Vladimir Grieg (guitar), Aleksandr Markvart (guitar), Salavat Safiullin (guitar), Natalia Potapenko (accordion), Kristine Ghazaryan (harp), Vladimir Kitlyar (theremin), Nikolai Sudnik (objects), aya Arkhipenko (vocal), Maxim Evstropov (vocal), Ekaterina Lopatina (vocal), Tatiana Bogomolova (vocal), Marina Ovchinnikova (vocal), Ekaterina Fedorova (drums, percussion), Alexei Ivanov (drums, percussion).

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