Sasha Almazova and Non Cadenza. Christmas concert
8 January 2017, Sunday 20:00
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Following the kind tradition Sasha Almazova and Non Cadenza will play a Christmas show at Erarta Stage on January 8.


Non Cadenza are an outstanding jazz/soul outfit from St. Petersburg, the “northern Venice” of Russia. The band is fronted by singer and lyricist Alexandra Almazova, who has often graced the pages of L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar. Together with her colleagues, she creates what Non Cadenza like to call “Russian soul” — a mélange of modern jazz and timeless romance. This combination of heartfelt passion and dizzying stagecraft has led to invitations from countless clubs at home. Non Cadenza have entertained fashionable dancefloors and charmed the most discriminating festival juries.

The band’s debut album appeared in November 2011, called “Beskonechnost’” (“Eternity” or “Timelessness”). That title alone speaks to the lasting impact of a sophisticated recording. The songs were first honed under the watchful eye of Moscow’s best studio technicians — and then embraced by audiences across Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic during 2012 and 2013. That timeline suggests the likelihood of new recordings, either written or celebrated on the road. Indeed, September 2013 promises a brand-new album from Non Cadenza: “Neprilichno” (“Indecent”). Once again, there’s a hint in the title: one of the nation’s most appealing and sophisticated ensembles invites listeners to experience a wide range of pleasures — and some surprises, too.


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