“Segodnyanochyu”. Make Love Not War
18 April 2014, Friday 04:00
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Cynical and glamorous representatives of Russian pop-rock, smoothies and anglomanes will play their "Make Love Not War" programme in Erarta.

"Segodnyanochyu" claimed themselves on the Russian music stage in 2001. When the president of "CD Land Records" Yuri Zeitlin first heard their home demo, he offered the band a contract for the first record "Coffee and Cigarettes". Ilya Lagutenko, the frontman of "Mumiy Troll", became the record's studio producer. The released "Gerda, ikay" and "Coffee and Cigarettes" were immediately taken into the radio rotation and the video clip for "Coffee and Cigarettes" got the top positions in the MTV charts.

Nostalgia and drive, decadent beauty of the lead singer Nikita Kozlov, retro style hits, fresh improvisations, and charming covers make these Petersburg romantics fairly popular and beloved. Another bright gig by "Segodnyanochyu" will be given in Erarta on April 18.

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